Ode to My Menstrual Cup and Why You Should Make the Switch!

A bit ago I lost my menstrual cup and I let it go on for too long. So being a writer I wrote this short piece, that I think is hilarious. Most males may beg to differ, but all well… I honestly love that little scrap of silicon and there’s many reasons why! If you don’t feel like reading my ode just skip on down to why you should make the switch to a menstrual cup!

How Lies Ruin Your Mind

I try my very best to be 100% honest now and I believe everyone should do the same because the neurological effects may be ruining you. There was a time that I lied. I’d often lie about stupid things so I could feel accepted or for attention and definitely lied to my parents quite a bit growing up, I knew it was a bad habit but at the time I had some obvious issues with self acceptance. I didn’t realize how crucial it was for me to stop this sort of behavior… Read More

Understanding Insecurities

A main problem with insecurities is that its not about everything. Most people will see you as confident and secure because for the most part you are. But your perception of certain things has been warped throughout these jaded years on earth have left you broken, not fully but cracked.

Love Will Find You

I’ve been practically single for nearly 4 years (besides a 3 month addendum last year) I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve been dating, oh man have I been dating, but my primary focus has been me and my fun, which I personally have enjoyed greatly. So much that I actually didn’t even see a relationship in my horizon any time soon. I saw guys at the events I frequently went to and occasionally someone would get lucky with me here and there but that was never my end goal on going… Read More

Cover Letters are Scary

I’m currently unemployed and have been since mid January, it is now mid May. I have 3 more months left of unemployment insurance and have decided to start buckling down on my applications (previously I have been just sending out applications willy nilly to any old job without any real rhyme or reason to the job choices just to collect my unemployment) but I felt I deserved a little break I’ve been working since I was 16 and overworking since I was 19. I haven’t had a break in over 6 years,… Read More

Unconditional Bliss

I am your enlightened inner child shining bright. There is little that cannot entertain me and little you can do to ruin my time. People meet me and think I am silly and I am stupid for acting like an idiot 99% of the time but they do not realize that behind all the play and all the laughs I am conscious, I am aware. I understand what is going on and the shitty things that are happening around me. Trust me there have been countless shitty situations I have been placed… Read More