The Mysterious Weather Predicting Storm Glass

I first saw a storm glass at a friends house. When I inquired about it she explained that the storm glass can predict the weather, but I wondered “Do storm glasses work?”, if so “How does a storm glass work?”.  The storm It is claimed to predict weather by measuring atmospheric pressure, but current research concludes that the storm glass is merely a weather-thermometer.  Although, I don’t exactly agree with the testing protocols used in these. Regardless, the mystical weather predicting storm glass to find that it has quite a rich history and… Read More

Recognizing Cognitive Dissonance in Order to Expand the Mind

There are two ways to restrict idea exploration and knowledge gain. This article was unknowingly written based on the cognitive dissonance theory. What makes people smart? What makes people continue to gain intelligence? How can I continue to gain knowledge? As these thoughts subconsciously sat in the back of my head and I started pulling up some concepts on what I think has contributed to intelligence. I came to the conclusion it is awareness and avoidance of narrow-minded inhibitors as well as faithful open-mindedness.

Stem Cell Basics; Ex-Researcher Edition

There are three things that make stem cells different from all other cells. I will be covering those three characteristics in this post.  I will get into more details in later posts depending the response I get from this one! I will also provide some additional.resources at the end that you may want to explore if this tickles your fancy. Preface I’d like to thank everyone reading this because growth is key, knowledge is power, and stem cells are an absolutely fascinating part of the cutting edge research going on today, therefore, it… Read More

Understanding Insecurities

A main problem with insecurities is that its not about everything. Most people will see you as confident and secure because for the most part you are. But your perception of certain things has been warped throughout these jaded years on earth have left you broken, not fully but cracked.