Always be eclectic, eccentric, and evolving.

Who am I?

I’m Angeline and I’m just trying to figure out how to live in this crazy world with a genuine smile on my face. I’m a writer, scientist, programmer, artist, maker, crafter, doer, thinker, night-dreamer, day-executor, potential-identifier, problem-solver, knowledge-seeker, and the list goes on…

What really matters is that I want to help people see value in themselves.  I see so much potential being wasted due to a lack of self-awareness, discovery, and pursuit.

I plan to do this through a nonprofit, Evolving Bottega, with a mission to cultivate an artistic community that helps developing artists grow their creative businesses by providing the skills, resources, and information they need to thrive. This site is a resource for those of you that don’t reside in San Diego.


A bit ago, I was living the American “Dream”. A scientist getting paid a decent amount to make money for the man. What a dream it is to be uninspired, stressed, anxious, and downright depressed. I wont go into much more but if you’re interested here is more on my American nightmare…

Not to get all cray but…

The corporate structure has stripped us of our identity, that we have to reinvent just to be assigned a job title that decided our worth based on our salary. The working force doesn’t realize we have worth outside of our ability to money make for others.

As a worker you are not even a dime a dozen anymore, you are a penny a thousand.  Why do you think we are getting paid fractions of what we should be paid? Where does all that money that the company makes go?

With the rising unemployment rates, we are all terrified of losing our jobs. This hinders technological growth because we’re afraid machines will take our the unsatisfactory jobs from us.  This is silly since this creates monotonous jobs that we now get to carry out.

What we don’t realize is that that we can create our own wealth without being subdued to the corporate structure. The truth is…

Each and every one of you have value and worth way beyond your knowledge.

The key is to know this and do something about it. For every person outside of the standard working world creates more value for the employees. Simple supply and demand, less available workers means more value placed on each worker. Not to mention leaving gives an opportunity to someone else that may actually want to be there and enjoys the work. It also

Simply put I’m fed up with the social and monetary structure we currently live in. I’m over my friends being driven into jobs they hate just to make ends meet…

What Else?

As a girl of many interests… I just couldn’t let all the business talk take over my own creative expression which is to write and educate the world about novel philosophies, perspectives, advancements, and theories because knowledge is power. I excel at and enjoy researching and communicating complex, concrete, and/or abstract topics in a clear and concise manner.  I will never stop learning or expressing my lessons to others. I observe too much and never stop thinking.

Science is a pandora box of unanswered questions that we attempt to piece together the puzzle with only the border pieces. New technologies that are coming out every day is mind-blowing. People are insane and to understand another human being fully, is unimaginable.  All these things are mind-boggling and leave use confused but, that’s what makes them so fascinating.

There are a variety of topics covered in three sections of this site:

Eclectic Perspectives

Centered around explaining perspectives (mine or others) on the human experience.  human psychology, moral development, dynamic interaction, connection, and communication… I think you get the picture.

Eccentric Activities

Engaging activities or interests that you may be keen on exploring deeper or learning more about. Starting a creative business, social media tips n tricks, earth and money saving ideas, the list goes on. Also theres a plethora of funtivites to do instead of watching tv 😉

Evolving Ideas

Knowledge hub where you can find information on science, psychology, technology, consciousness, and spirituality. You’ll also find my personal theories on the world, but don’t worry I’ll tell you when it’s a personal theory and not a proven one!