In this day and age many people tend to live this two-dimensional lifestyle founded on the ‘American Dream’.  I call it 2D living because there is no depth, no passion, no individuality, no creativity to the lifestyle and it looks something like this…

We begin with a standard school system that doesn’t recognize that each person’s intelligence is diverse and unique, in turn condemning our individuality.  After 18 years we leave for college attempting to be normal and because this is what we’re supposed to do. We attend 4-5 years of college majoring in something we were never sure of but has job options or high pay rate.  After, we complete college the realization of the mountain of debt we have sets in, terrified of what the future has to hold. Then a fleeting moment of relief comes when we land a 9-5 job but, we soon realize that we hate the job or that will never pay enough to live comfortably. Day in and day out you come home after, have dinner, watch a mind numbing show, then fall asleep just to repeat it all over again.  We attempt to find a bearable mate to agree upon throwing a ridiculously expensive party to initiate the legal bind we call marriage.  Years fade into decades brainwashed into believing this is how life is supposed to be, we continue going through the motions correctly but always left unsatisfied, wanting more but never doing anything about it. But, it’s ok studies say depression and anxiety is common so we wash away the disappointments with alcohol and numb the sadness with Prozac and Xanax, and think ‘this is how life is supposed to be’.


This lifestyle is toxic and disheartening. We realized this and we wanted more out of life! We need to stop this and continue evolving!

You are worth so much more and you deserve happiness! Luckily we are in the era of raised consciousness and breaking out of this proposed life plan. I like to call the new way 3D living. You may call it whatever your heart desires, I’m not here to make you conform to my standards. I’m here to support you and your endeavors. Show you different perspective and hope to hear yours. I want to share phenomenal ideas, technologies, theories, advancements, and findings.  Living in 3D allows you to go beyond this set plan to really live to your full potential and think out of the trapezoid. Life is hard but you never have to stop growing and learning.

We are eclectic, eccentric, and evolving


There are three parts to my site:

Eclectic Perspectives

Centered around explaining perspectives (mine or others) on the human experience.  human psychology, moral development, dynamic interaction, connection, and communication… I think you get the picture.

Eccentric Activities

Engaging activities or interests that you may be keen on exploring deeper or learning more about. Also a plethora of funtivites to do instead of watch tv 😉

Evolving Ideas

Knowledge hub where you can find information on science, psychology, technology, consciousness, and spirituality. You’ll also find my personal theories on the world, but don’t worry I’ll tell you when it’s my personal theories.


If you’re not sure what you want to explore all of my posts will be listed chronologically in the blog section 🙂

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