Understanding Insecurities

A main problem with insecurities is that its not about everything. Most people will see you as confident and secure because for the most part you are. But your perception of certain things has been warped throughout these jaded years on earth have left you broken, not fully but cracked.

An insecurity is a silent but deadly killer led by the infamous ego. It creeps into your brain under the radar, only to show its ugly face when you’re already feeling down and scared, pulling the strings of the self sabotage doll, blinding your logical, positive self with cruel words in order to take over your emotions and eventually your actions.
Whispering in your ear things like ‘you don’t deserve this’ and you agree because in the back of your busy body brain and in the deep pits of your stomach you feel you are not good enough due to belittling past experiences that made you question your worth.
The ego lets insecurity do this just to make sure that you prove your thought patterns right over and over again no matter how wrong and detrimental it is…

But the ego is trying help by protecting you from disappointment but it doesn’t realize that its simultaneously keeping you from blissful opportunities that may be in your future if it stopped protecting you and just surrendered to this moment without cluttering your head with negative thoughts and made-up scenarios that may never unfold.

Overcoming this virus is hard work but it is vital to our growth on all levels.
We must take control back and to do this we must accept that we are all worthy of love, we are great enough to be successful, we deserve happiness.

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