Unconditional Bliss

I am your enlightened inner child shining bright. There is little that cannot entertain me and little you can do to ruin my time. People meet me and think I am silly and I am stupid for acting like an idiot 99% of the time but they do not realize that behind all the play and all the laughs I am conscious, I am aware. I understand what is going on and the shitty things that are happening around me. Trust me there have been countless shitty situations I have been placed in but now I CHOOSE to see the better. Why? because it is that much easier. No happier. I am in a state of unconditional bliss.

When you do something and expect nothing in return that is the definition of unconditional. Many people have heard of unconditional love. The kind of love you give to people without expecting anything, not even love, in return. Its truly a magically beautiful state. I have yet to see it in action because its just as magical as spotting a beautiful unicorn.

Perfect happiness is the Webster’s definition of bliss. This I have seen, when a child watches snow fall from the sky for the first time and that twinkle in their eye as they bubble with laughter and joy. That is bliss. When you reach that point of “OH MY GOD” at the peak of an orgasm with someone you truly love. That is bliss.

Many people see the unconditional bliss in me and they are attracted to it because they want to reach this state. What they don’t realize is that it is so simple because feelings aren’t real. How weird is that? Every feeling is merely a perspective of your current reality. In fact they are 100% a fabricated state of mind based on how you processed the experiences that are happening currently.

Often people will express they are bored but this is not real they are only bored because they are not given enough stimuli and don’t know how to create their own. So when I’m climbing a tree at the park or picking flowers to give to a stranger or trying to pet a duck in the middle of Oakland or climbing on a speaker to shake my ass I am not being foolish and I am not being simple-minded I am free. Free from boredom, free from sadness, free from anger, free from experiential conditions affecting my happiness, but not completely free I am entrapped in finding joy, creating thrills, and making my life a better place.

Making MY life a better place. Wow that sounds self-centered doesn’t it? This may seem self-centered or maybe even selfish but I don’t mean it to sound that way because I want you to have fun with me if you will let that inner child shine. Show me that bright eyed bushy tailed look you know you’ve been waiting to give someone for far too long. I only truly appreciate an individual when you shine for yourself.

We often forget how easy it is to get wrapped up in negativity that creates excitement in our life for just a moment. Taking natural experiences and adding spice to them by extrapolating displeasing context and magnifying the unsatisfactory pieces. We destructively whirlwind through our lives pulling up the ‘substandard’ parts of life, forgetting to stop and smell the god damn roses that are covered in thorns, just like your life.

I try my hardest to avoid the despair and disappointment out there that will just bring me down but even I get wrapped up in the entangled spider web it creates so easily in our life, if you let it.

Its time to break free. Its not easy, many think this is how I have always been, that life must’ve always been this easy, it must be simple for me. It was not and it is not. I was once sad, I was once even kind of crazy. I mean literally not stable. Prescribed many medications to make me feel normal, as if I am normal, as if feelings aren’t valid… Feelings may not be real but they are instinctual. We instinctually place a feeling on almost all that we experience because that makes up our perception. Our reality.

People may think I am hiding from my problems through choosing to not see them but really its not that I don’t see them and recognize them, I do, I just know that this moment like the last will pass with time. Think back, remember a long time ago when that huge thing happened and you were absolutely devastated maybe death, maybe defeat, maybe heartbreak, at the time you felt like your world was closing in and you’re alone… and that life, is just shit. You may have even thought “Is all this even worth living?”. Well, how do you feel now? You can recognize that it happened and it sucked but you are no longer devastated by it, in fact you probably have learned from it or realized that it was all apart of this huge master plan we call life. In this unconditional bliss I try to close this gap in time by trusting in the universe that things will get better because time and time again it has proven this very thing.

I’m not saying to stay where you are currently and try to see the bright side of things. Life’s a trip. And any experienced tripper knows that the way out of a bad trip is to change a few small things in order to divert your attention for long enough to get you and your mind into a new state. Change the music change the scenery, get distracted. The thing you were upset about previously will fade away in no time and it will allow new experiences to enter, if you welcome them. Maybe I’ve tripped to many times and seem to be confusing life with a trip but life is a journey and isn’t a journey just another word for a trip? So hone that skill of changing mindsets and step into unconditional bliss with me and we can experience a new world together. I promise you wont regret it.

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