Ode to My Menstrual Cup and Why You Should Make the Switch!

A bit ago I lost my menstrual cup and I let it go on for too long. So being a writer I wrote this short piece, that I think is hilarious. Most males may beg to differ, but all well… I honestly love that little scrap of silicon and there’s many reasons why! If you don’t feel like reading my ode just skip on down to why you should make the switch to a menstrual cup!

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Ode to My Menstrual Cup

I lost my menstrual cup a couple months ago.
About once a moon cycle I think about that silicon cup.
I wonder if it misses me and hoping one day it will come back to me.
I think about where it could be and who could have found it…
Did it fall out of my purse at the grocery store?
or worse a party?
Picturing the confused look on the unsuspecting man as he stairs at it on the counter
I could have accidentally packed it up in my storage unit…

I wonder why I haven’t replaced it…
I believe it may pop up one day since it’s such an odd thing to have lost.
I condone my inaction as being frugal,
I wouldn’t want to be wasteful!
As if it is economical to purchase tampons
and throwing them away after use is definitely good for the earth.
Not to mention all the ruined panties that stood in Aunt Flows way
Oddly writing an ode to a menstrual cup
brought to light my flawed logic,

Goodbye leaky overpriced tampons.
Goodbye freshly ruined panties.
And most of all goodbye lil menstrual cup.
I’ll be replacing you today, but just remember you were my first silicon love.

Why You Should Switch to a Menstrual Cup

I do really love using a menstrual cup and there are literally sooo many good reasons why every female should use them!

Saves Money!

It saves you money, think about how much you spend on a box of tampons? Now think about never spending money on tampons again. Unless you lose it like I did… Seriously where did that go??

Only Need to Change it Every 10-12 Hours

The frequency of dealing with your period decreases when you use a menstrual cup. At most a tampon will give you 6-8 hours, while a pad will give you 4-5 hours of clearance before you need to change it. Let’s get real those times are maximums, I’ve leaked in 2 hours before and I wouldn’t even consider my flow ‘heavy’.

Menstrual Cups Last at LEAST 10 Years

Some sites say forever and some say 10 years, tomato potato. Of course that is if you don’t misplace it… I swear I’m working on controlling my lose everything super power!

The Menstrual Cup Rarely Leaks

To be honest when it did it was because I put it in wrong, noob problems, even then it didn’t leak much… No more limiting yourself to black and red underwear for a week. I swear some tampon designs are flawed and I’ll leak in them no matter what. I mean who really wants to ruin a perfectly good pair panties?

Using a Menstrual Cup Reduces Waste, Thus Saving the Earth

Think of how many tampons and pads you’ve thrown out in your life… It’s a lot… When you use the menstrual cup there is no single use waste. Boy do I love reducing my imprint on our poor abused earth!

Don’t Have to Deal with Bloody Trash

If the earth doesn’t get you well think about this! No more worrying about figuring out where to throw out bloody tampons in an all boys house with no bathroom trashcans or any of the other inconvenient burdens of dealing with period soaked cotton remains.

Don’t Wait get Your Menstrual Cup Today!

Reduce your waste and save yourself money, time, and embarrassing moments…

Here is my personal favorite brand, the Lena Cup. It comes in small and large.  Large is for people that have had vaginal birth!

Small LENA Cup

Large LENA Cup

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